About me

Exploring the Beauty of Photography: My Passion and Gear

Photography has been my passion for years, and I love immersing myself in beautiful imagery. Whether I’m creating my own images or admiring the work of other photographers, there’s always something that inspires me. On this website I’ll share my journey in photography, from the gear I use to my favorite genres.

One of my favorite photographers is Vivian Maier, whose photos were discovered after her death. Her unique perspective on the world left a lasting impression on me. I’m also drawn to Erwin Olaf’s incredibly stylish attention to detail in his pictures. This website is a platform for me to share my passion for photography, whether it’s my own work or links to other photographers’ work that inspires me.

I’ve used a variety of cameras over the years, including the Canon 7D and the Olympus Pen E-P3. Currently, my go-to camera is the Olympus OMD E-M5 Mark III, combined with an Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12‑40mm 1:2.8 PRO, Olympus ED 75mm f1.8, and a Panasonic 20mm 1.7 lens. My ideal setup ensures that I have everything I need to capture stunning images. However, as the iPhone’s lenses and software have improved, I’ve found myself using it more often, with 50% of my photos being taken with the iPhone.

Over the years, I’ve tried different types of photography, including street, holiday, and studio photography. While I appreciate animal and nature photography, I find myself drawn to street and portrait photography the most. The results of these genres strike me more, and I’ve captured some of my best work in these areas. Of course, that doesn’t mean I never shoot landscapes or other subjects. This website showcases a variety of genres, allowing me to share my passion and explore different styles of photography.

Photography is my passion, and I love sharing my work with others. From the gear I use to my favorite genres, this website is a space where I can express my creativity and showcase the beauty of the world around us. Whether I’m using my DSLR or my iPhone, I’m always ready to capture the perfect shot and share it with others.